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Originally Posted by Jon Bradshaw View Post
I am not an expert but I like to play devils advocate.....

Some of the things listed as problems could be honest field available fixes.
Road wheels/ chassis on the Maultier could have been harvested from captured universal carriers. Captured from BEF in France, like many French vehicles, they were likely pressed into service as usable equipment/ chassis for modification. Some wheels could have ended up on a Maultier with American production markings. The pic of a Ford Maultier unloading a ME323 shows clearly a Vickers 1930's style suspension and road wheels. Since the Panzer 1 was based on a Vickers 1930's tank the road wheels could have been copied and compatible. (not sure as I don't have one to compare)

It is a common misunderstanding that the German Maultier used British Light Tank/ Universal Carrier components. Indeed they were patterned on British components, but they were different - see e.g.

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