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Default Officier-vlieger J. Blok

Thank you for your reply. I do not know where EH den Hollander had his training but it is very likely it was at Jackson since, as you say, most of the others in his squadron were trained there....... more than that I cannot say.

I just wonder if he is in the photo your posted.......??

I just find it so very sad when I think of FAA 1847 Squadron, which was formed 1/2/1944 with 4 British and 8 Dutch pilots. 6 of its members were lost, ie half of the squadron, in flying accidents between 27/3/1944 and 18/5/1944 ie in less than 2 months. Of the 6 pilots killed in this period, 5 of them were Dutch and all died in training accidents. Can anyone tell me if it was 'normal' for such a high percentage of any one squadron to be killed during training exercises?

I am interested to know what happened to EH den Hollander's family. Did they relocate to Australia or Canada before the Japanese invaded Java - or were they interned in Java in prisoner of war camps - or did they survive the Japanese invasion to die in the 'uprising' - or did they relocate to Holland or elsewhere after Java was granted its independence? There are so many possibilities.

Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Marco for your information - I found it very interesting.

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