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Originally Posted by Marbeth Wilson View Post
I would be very grateful if you would share with me any information you might have about the FAA or the den Hollander family or what might have become of them after the war?

Welcome to this forum and thanks for joining us!

Very good to hear about your interest in Erik den Hollander. Many years ago when we visited the crash site of Blok and De Ridder, the farmer in who's field they crashed could give us an eyewitness account. This type of information is vital and is valued very much by relatives. If you can, please post the details about Erik's accident here.

I do not have information about Erik den Hollander at hand, and will have to ask the keeper of the Johannes' files if any reference is made to him. If I find anything I will post it here or contact you through the forum. No doubt these men knew each other, as the squadron was a relatively small unit and the Dutchmen were all a long way from home.

If you can, please post Erik's picture, as it is always great to put a face to a name.

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