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Default Dynamotor Run Times

Taking into account there are a number of factors to consider in a combat situation when it comes to how long your wireless should be in transmit mode, and that you can effectively reduce your signature with a dummy load for test purposes, is there a time limit for how long a Dynamotor can be continuously running?

While reading up on test procedures for my 52-Set the 2nd to 4th Echelon instructions only state the Supply Unit should be run on its own long enough to check its output voltages.

Its pretty much the same advise when netting, or testing the meter value readings for the various valves in the Sender when it is operating. This latter step could take several minutes to accomplish, for which a dummy load is required.

I know with the 19-Set Mk II, the Supply will be running as long as the set is on, but the only negative to that is battery drain. With the 19-Set Mk III battery drain was diminished with the addition of the vibrator supply section dedicated to ‘Receive Mode’.

My thought is the dynamotors in the 52-Set Supply Unit should be OK with run times long enough to complete any needed bench testing, but a complete lack of spare parts for them tells me to be careful.

Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.

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