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Default HOW-TO topics on MLU...techniques, tricks etc.

Making a wooden hip ring by Jordan

Making rifle butt supports by Grant and Jacques

Making new cab rear wall by Jordan and the Hammond crew

Cab 13 front clip repair by Barry

HUP rear fender and roof by Jonathan

Rivets by Andrew

Pressing Vickers cross tubes by Colin

Bending thick metal strip by Colin

Scratchbuilding a transmission case by Colin

Sheet metal repairs with simple tooling by Jack

Scratchbuilding a Tilly fuel tank by Jack

Welding used fuel tanks by Wayne and Dave


Installing 9.00x16 tyres on CMP rims by Bob

Tyre removal by the Hammond crew

Removing Run Flat tyres, varous tips, tricks, ideas

Stuck engine un-sticking by Phil

Stuck valve by Phil (read disclaimer on sodium filled valves!)

Tools & Various
CMP restoration tools by MLU

Blasting cabinet by Dave

Steering wheel repair by David

Modern day techniques to replicate parts
3D printed Lewis gun magazines by Matt
Chevrolet C8 cab 11 FFW
BSA Folding Bicycle

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