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Default Funny thing happened this morning

Normally, the sun rises at about 0600 in my part of the world in July. Today, there was this great redness in the sky at about 0400 came from the North.

I couldn't figure it out until I got on the site this morning and realized it was coming from Canada and more specifically from our beloved SunRay.

He was so embarrased by all of the praise heaped upon him last night and this morning that the redness in his face lit up the Northern sky. Well, maybe helped by a sip or two of his favorite beverage.

I have to run to the shop now but will return this evening to add my comments and possible solutions to the rest of the small band of miscreants postings. We will come up with a workable solution I am sure and as a bonus, Stellan and I will finally learn how to make our damned computers work properly

Oh, by the way, the router arrived today so I may be able to debut my new setup.
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