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Guys, thanks for all your comments and suggestions. In my view, it's really simple, and we should keep it this way: the site and forum are owned by Geoff and he maintains and pays for it all. It is up to him to allow for certain subjects to be discussed and then kept on this forum or delete them. Many internet forums refresh every now and then, deleting older threads. Mind you, setting up member administrations and/or site sponsorships are very time consuming.

So, there are a few things we as members can do to keep Geoff's costs down and not burden him with all sorts of well-meant suggestions:
  • Be consice, use quoting sparingly.
  • Do not copy pictures and/or large amounts of text, if they can be found elsewhere on the internet. Make a link and only copy bits of text relevant to the discussion.
  • Only attach pictures if really needed and size them down as much as possible. Set up your own web site or picture hosting account and insert a link to the full-size pictures.
  • If you like this site and forum, consider making a contribution towards Keeping Maple Leaf Up! I make contributions irregularly, for example when a magazine re-subscription comes up and I realise this forum is worth more to me than that magazine (which should be really paying for itself with the large amount of adverts).
And Geoff, please make sure to call for help if it all gets out of hand.

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