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Hi Folks,

Am up and filling insomniacness with browsing ... decided to check out some of the records just to see what sorts of info they hold. And by the way, as I'm sure you folks assume, many of these guys also served in WW1 and did not make it home. This information was included in one gentlemans files. Interesting reading. Some files are huge, I don't know the biggest file, but one I just looked at was about 87 pages from signing on with the NWMP until note of his killed in action in France and correspondence and such after the fact I didn't look at every page, just scanned some for an idea of what was in them.

One thing I noticed was correspondence in reference to discharged from service ... why did they "Purchase of Discharge" ... sounds like they had to pay to quit??? Curious what this means, if anyone knows???


PS: many of the images of photocopied pages are hard to read or indeciferable, but many aren't
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