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Default Re: New Registrations

Originally posted by Geoff Winnington-Ball
If you would like to register for MLU, please use your REAL NAME, ........ Catchy internet aliases designed to hide your identity will NOT be accepted for registration, nor will HOTMAIL addresses.

There will be no appeal on these points.

You may email me for clarification if you wish.
Some still seem to be sneaking through the approval processes somehow.
If you wish to keep a "Catchy internet alias", perhaps because you've already established an identity on another forum or E-bay, etc, it is still a simple courtesy to identify your self by using a Signature at the bottom in the text of your posts, or by the use of the Custom User Text (This is the title that appears beneath your Identity on your posts. For most people it is initially set as "Junior Member"). You can set these features when you register, or amend them at any time by clicking "User CP" at the top of the page, then clicking "Edit Profile".
It is a common courtesy to other users to introduce yourself, and for other users to have a name to address you by in the course of discussion. If exposing your name somehow embarasses you, please consider this CONDITION OF REGISTRATION before you join MLU.
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