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Default TERMINAS, Aerial, No. C1 ZA/CAN 4716

Thought I would show the steps I used to correctly align the TERMINALS, Aerial, No. C1 on my Remote Receiver, if anyone needs to do the same. It is also a good reference for me down the road, if I should forget how I did it when the Mains Set Receiver is due for a tweak.

The first photo is one I thought I would add because it shows the correct placement of the upper receiver panel, in relation to the two aerial terminals. Note the relatively even spacing of the upper panel around the two terminals. This upper panel has the ability to float about when being locked in place, which can allow the edges of the panel to come in contact with the sides of the lower aerial terminal socket. This should be avoided as it can result in the signals being received getting pulled to ground, which will mess with your reception.

In the second photo, I have inserted a 1/8-inch drill bit into the slot in the TERMINALS, Aerial to highlight the incorrect 12 - 6 position it is currently in. The tricky bit here is that in order to correctly align the orientation of the TERMINALS, Aerial, the Upper Panel assembly of the receiver has to be removed, and that is where the easiest reference mark for alignment resides. So to get around that, as shown in the third photo, I attached a tooth pick to the right side of the chassis at the point where the correct 4 o’clock position for the TERMINALS, Aerial should be. Then it is a simple process of removing the Gas Gap tube from its clips and reaching in with a quarter drive socket and slotted screwdriver head to loosen the TERMINALS, Aerial set screw enough to rotate the fitting to the correct orientation. There is no way around this process. It will require careful hands, a good sense of touch and patience, but can be done. Once everything is correctly lined up and secured, do not forget to clip the Gas Gap Tube back into its clips.

The last photo shows the TERMINALS, Aerial, No. C1 finally back into its correct 10 - 4 position. One more part of the puzzle done.

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