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Default Help me solve a challenge

I've been asked to assist in restoring a heavy vehicle that no-one knows what it is! No model, no year of manufacture! All I've been given is a couple of vague photos of the engine to get me started. The bodywork and cab is completely custom made, so does not assist in the ID.

The only possible clue to the year is that the engine is an Albion truck 4 cyl engine of "early" design, probably pre-'30s.

I won't ask for help on the actual vehicle itself, but can anyone ID any details of this Albion engine? It is a 4 cylinder Petrol engine of large-ish displacement going by the physical dimensions of the engine, with a magneto ignition on the front left side of the block (mag is missing, but likely a Lucas). The engine is a sidevalve design, but a crossflow layout with the Carb on the RH side of the engine, and the exhaust manifold on the LH side. The cylinders attach to the crankcase in two paired barrels, with water cooling in just the upper parts of the cylinders and heads.

I'd like to know:
Power (either Hp or "taxable" Hp in the British fashion):
Anything else interesting you know:
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