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Originally Posted by rob love View Post
Looks like an original 50R winch. Before the collapse of 2008, the winches were selling for as much as the Jeeps. They have come down a bit, but are still very pricey.

Is that cart original to the generator? I have not seen that before....almost looks like an airforce item.

A lot of those old generators were running on WW2 engines. They were still in service when I joined in 1980. There was a CFTO to change them to the newer Jeep engines.
I'd have to check the winch Model Number on the data plate. The cart was an old turbine start cart for airplanes. I plan to make a flat deck out of it to mount the gen set on and put the original muffler back on which exhausts out of the bottom of the skid. Were these used in Canada as gen sets in the field? I vaguely remember the old pancake engine style generator that were mounted in the 3/4t trailers that could wake the dead. Seems like the big powerplants were always rental units when on excercise in Wainwright, Shilo, Petawawa and Gagetown.
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