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This has got me intrigued now and I would quite like to know the PBY models the RAAF operated.

At this point in time I suspect that the preponderance of aircraft would have been the PBY-5. I remember Lindsay's preference for the flying boat over the amphibian due to the large loss of interior space taken up by the wheel wells.

Logically, there must also have been a performance penalty in regards to reduced payload and perhaps range. As the aircraft were commonly used for long range missions this would have been a decisive factor and may explain the conversion of PBY-5A to PBY-5A(M) by way of landing gear removal. Production of the PBY-5 ceased in 1943 and the RAAF had to take 5A (amphibians) which didn't suit their purpose.

That's the way I think it was and I will try to find out for sure but the inter web doesn't have all the answers. I was recently introduced to a fellow from Violet Town who was a member of No 11 Squadron. I'll be interested to put the question to him. Or, maybe Keith can clear the matter up.

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