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Default C60S Radio Truck Terminal Volocity Down Hill

Hi Robert

My C60S has a terminal volucity on long 9% grades of about 50 MPH. To go faster you use throttle. When it had the original 216 engine it did 0 to 60 MPH in about 12 minutes on flat ground. Once drove it for over hour on the Interstate for 2 hours never had my foot off the floor never shifted gears. With the 261 you have to backout of the throttle on flat roads to keep it from going over 60 on flat highways. Thing has the aerodynamics of a brick. Also has the 0 to 100 speedo.

Of my three CMPs the C60S has the long legs and loves the highway, it and the driver are happy and comfortable doing road speed of 60 because of rubber overdrive truck is turning RPMs for 50. Neither of the others are happy going above 40 MPH.

Cheers Phil
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