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Default Saw it

Notice the cab on the bus is wedge shaped narrowing from rear to the firewall. The wreck on the other hand appears to be the same width , or close to , rear of cab and firewall . The dors on the bus even appear curved. Also the front window opening is definitely different, the bus having two distinct opening for glazing whereas the wreck has one large opening with a centre bar added in . Look at the center bottom and top of the bus front window openings and see how the sheet metal curves down and up to make distinct openings.
Also look at the way the top window trim matches up with the doors on the wreck , its one peice. But not on the bs or other truck.
I'm not saying its not Italian but it would have to be a different model from the two shown, same chassis perhaps. I'll dig out crismon tomorrow and see if the Macks have that same detail on the front bumpers. The cab does look Mackish or Reo perhaps.

PS they are great pics incidentally thanks for sharing them.
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