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Default Bingo....

Thanks Tony... it seems 9 times is a charm... well almost....

I downloaded but it gave my PC "gas" like you would not believe... it opened in Words.... and when I tried to save it the PC started to flash on and off and could not save..... but have no fear I re-opened and printed the little sucker... I will have to manually transfer to Excell but who care the information provided is "priceless"......

I will try to merge this info with everything that is available. I intend to leave all the variable listed and "warn" users to makes use of whatever seems to work with the parts person they are dealing with......

I am not sure if Excell is the best option as it may not be accessable to everyone ..... I may refer to may able humble assistant at the office to give me advice... heck what are we paying all these tax dollars for if I can make use of a Federal Pubic Service staff to help out in such a worthy cause!!!!!!

Stay tuned.... and thanks again for your input.
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