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Default Other clubs

The following is from the Goldfish Club
Just to clarify the difference of The Goldfish Club, The Caterpillar Club, and The Flying (Winged) Boot Club.

The Goldfish Club: One had to be rescued/survived an aircraft ditching from the sea where their life preserving equipment saved their life.

The Caterpillar Club: One had to parachute (bale out) from his stricken aircraft and survive, if that person landed 'in the drink' he then also qualified for membership of The Goldfish Club.

The Flying (Winged) Boot Club: One had to come down behind enemy lines from their aircraft and return to their unit, usually on foot! They could also become members of the above two clubs if the criteria aforementioned applied.

This page is under construction, if anyone can help with any stories please contact me on the header bar above.

Briefly The Goldfish Club was established in 1942 for fliers that for one reason or other ended up in the sea/river/lake/canal after their aircraft was shot down or forced to ditch and were saved by their survival gear ie Dinghy or Mae West (Life preserver). At the cessation of hostilities in 1945 there were some 7000 members of the Goldfish Club, in 2003 there are about 600 members worldwide
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