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Default 1942 Leather Spaulding MC helmet

Was wondering if anybody can identify some markings that showed up underneath the layer of White paint I flaked off of this helmet.
Underneath the Black paint was stencilled; A23TC then over top of the black layer of paint was the number 38. And over top of that was C3 painted in yellow and on each side were sergeant stripes.
I have 3 of these helmets but only one you can still see the Spaulding logo in the inside of the liner. This helmet also has a name written inside; looks like SALLON,S ? Or SALLONS?
All of these helmets seemed to be painted with a black top and white border. 2 of them including this one were painted all white over the original paint.
Does anybody know the history of the paint jobs? Postwar markings or just training helmets?
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