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Default Thanks Bruce.....

Need to consult the schematics.....

You are way ahead of me right now...... but I am learning ..... thanks in great part to you guys on MLU who keep me on the straight an narrow.

Hey I have not blown a fuse....yet!!!

Bruce on a regular power supply it seems to me that the only connection to the control box(es) is with the long twelve pin cable coming from the radio unit.

The regular PS has a 6 pin connector that is the power IN from the batt. or CPP-2......

Why would the 110v. PS send power to the control box(es)

I have already checked the 12 V. power cable and it will fit the 110v. PS.....BUT the indexing pin is rotating the 90 degree elbow to a totally different orientation and the wire bail will not fit...... I only tried a physical fit.... NO power applied.

Meanwhile check my pictures of the Variac I repaired.

Of course now I have question about the Variac.

Using a voltmeter I have confirmed that the numbers on the Variac dial are + or - 1 or 2 volts.
At 30 volts on the Variac dial I get 31.5 volts and the light is orange dim. 70 volts brighter

The strange thing is that it inputs 120.4 on the INPUT line but can actually put out a max of 137.5 volts ....... which made the lamp very very bright.

So I have concluded that the Variac is not only an adjustable voltage control but also capable of multiplying what is actually coming out.

I have huge voltage regulator that range from 109 volts to 139 volts....... because of the large transformers they must weight near to 100 pounds so have not physically played with those yet...but will in due course.

I hope I can repair the other bigger Variac capable of 20 amps......

All comments are appreciated for my edification...!!!

Now to consult the schematic.

Bob C
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