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Default Only a temporary fix

Originally Posted by Tony Smith View Post
This solution was posted by a user on the REMLR Forum:

"When photobucket went all ransomware on us, they pretty much broke the internet. There was a bunch of photos here on REMLR that folks had posted over the years which were suddenly unavailable.

For those using Chrome and Firefox browsers, there are a few extensions/add-ons out there now which will re-link the pictures so they are visible in any browser running said extensions.

On Chrome, the extension I'm using is called "Photobucket Embed Fix" and it is working fine for me.

The Firefox browser version is here -

I'm not all that cluey with the computational apparatus, but if I can work it out, anyone can ;-)"
Hi Tony

Good short term fix, but for MLU the only real fix is to upload important photos directly to MLU.

Reason I think this only a temporary fix is that Photobucket will likely revamp it's software to block the backdoor as soon as it feels it is losing money.

But this a good way for any of us who know of other people's photos, on MLU, they think are important and grab a screen shot and then post the rescued photos. So if you know of a thread that has "Photobucket" photos by people who are no longer with us, go through the threads and grab screen shots while you can.

Cheers Phil
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