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Rob, that sounds like a classic lure-in. First offer services for free, then as users have come dependent on it, charge heavily. The amount they charge is insane, can't see personal users buy that service in great numbers.

On Wikipedia I read "As of June 30, 2017, Photobucket requires a $99 annual subscription to allow external linking to all hosted images and a $399 annual subscription to allow the embedding of images on third-party websites, such as personal blogs and forums. This policy change, enacted with no advance warning, has been highly controversial."

Anyway, any members on here who still have their pictures on their hard drive are invited to re-attach them to the threads and posts on MLU. I have increased the maximum allowable size for .jpg and .jpeg attachments to 1.5 MB and 1600 pixels width. The forum software will resize larger files to a certain extent, but when you get an error message while uploading a picture, please resize and try again.

And this is why we want to see your pictures
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