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Originally Posted by Craig S. View Post
nm190 -

Just copied what info there is on your 5/4. The numbers (28542/CKL2461154766) match and the info states it was located in Norway. Says it was disposed of in May 1997. I'll edit the info and post it tonight or tomorrow for you. How much trouble is it to get parts to maintain the truck? Did you get any of the manuals or many parts with it? Cheers,

Amazing man, just amazing.
Thank you so much for all the help!

It's quite easy to get parts over here, the amcar-society in Norway is fairly big, we've had american collectors looking to scandinavia for cars they can't find in the US.
No manuals came with the truck (so if there are original army manuals in circulation, i'm interested!), what i did get was a heater and a cab for the truckbed, and soon the benches so...
Oh, and one original plate-rim with tyre.
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