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Dusonn 18-10-13 15:07

Any way of marking favourite threads?

I wonder if there is any way to mark "my favourite" threads so I do not have to use the Search engine again and again when want to look at them. I found some of the threads I went though very interesting and want to keep them marked for my future reference. I have not found such a feature here, does it exist?


RHClarke 18-10-13 16:19

I use the "Favorites" / "Add to favourites" menu items in Internet Explorer.

Dusonn 18-10-13 17:51

yes, thats also an option, but would be helpful if the forum had such a feature.

aj.lec 19-10-13 01:34

You can use
Top right hand side of 2nd tool bar when you open thread you like
"Thread tools"
"Subscribe to thread"
This will inform you when any updates to that thread are made

When you want to look back on threads you have marked as subscribed go to top tool bar
"Quick links"
then under
click on "subscribed threads" and it will bring up a list of the threads you have marked

Phil Waterman 19-10-13 15:03

Will that give you individual threads or only major categories?
Hi Andrew

Thought there was a way of doing it as well as having it send you emails when there were new posts. I have a couple that I turned on years ago and I still get e-mails when ever there is a new post.

Will that give you individual threads such as this one or only major categories, such as TAC HQ?

Could you refresh my memory on using the e-mail notification option?

Of course the other solution is to Log In once a day and read all the new posts since the last time. If you go this route though you do need to do it once at least once every other day because other wise there are lot of posts to read.

Cheers Phil

aj.lec 19-10-13 23:33

I don't know much about the internal workings of the forum engine but As far as I've seen
If you click on the subscribed threads icon it will bring up a list of all the individual threads you have subscribed to in any major category . Just have to go through the list and select the one you want
Not 100% sure on the email notification but you can turn it on or off overall, not sure about individual subscribed threads apart from unsubscribing to them

Hanno or Keith would know far more on the options :salute:

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