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Chris Preston 29-09-21 22:44

M135 CDN, 6X6 Truck................
'Afternoon All,

Our Museum - Ashton Armoury Museum in Victoria, BC, has just acquired a new vehicle in the form of a 1953 M135 CDN, 6X6 Truck -

The vehicle is in good overall condition, but the wood-work needs to be replaced. Can anyone advise on what the original wood used for the cargo seats, and canvass supports for the cargo bed was?


Chris Preston
Vehicle Curator, Ashton Armoury Museum
Victoria, BC

rob love 29-09-21 23:52

Usually it was ash.

The bows and sideracks from the MLVW can be used on the M135 with some minor modification. The top bows have to be shortened 3 inches or so if I recall. As well, the wood occasionally got replaced with fiberglass slats starting in the mid-90s. While technically not correct for the M135, it does have a lot better longevity.

Unfortunately, the MLVWs are pretty much out of service now. Here in Shilo, the vast majority of the bows and sideracks were taken to the dump and burned. I did manage to secure a reasonable amount for the Shilo museum.

Peter Phillips 30-09-21 03:47

That is a very nice unmolested looking truck! If money isn't a problem and the MLVW structures are unavailable, I suggest getting some white oak to do the job. There's some tutorials on bending slats for bows using steam that someone may be able to do for you. Good thing you're not far from ship building resources which just may have the supplies and knowledge that you need :thup2:

Chris Preston 30-09-21 07:36

M135 CDN, 6X6 Truck................
Many Thanks Rob and Peter. This is a big help.



rob love 30-09-21 15:45

For the curved top bows, you should have no problem getting top bows for the M35 out of the USA. As I mentioned, they just need to be cut back a little to work. For the corners, which are metal, I may have squirreled away far too many of them at the Shilo museum. A transfer can be made museum to museum, just your end would be responsible for the postage. I also have squirreled away lots of the metal stakes and seat hardware, again a transfer can be made.

If you know of a truck going through, we could likely set you up with the just about all you would need for the complete setup.

People previous to me used spruce for a lot of the bows etc on the museum vehicles. Don't is just a waste of wood as it will break whenever you don't want it to.

Chris Preston 04-10-21 08:10

M135 cdn............
Hi Rob,

Many Thanks for the offer to assist. We still have to do a full assessment of the vehicle. Once done. I'll get back to you and what we might need.

Thanks again.

Chris, in Victoria, BC

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