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SilvioI 27-12-15 22:22


Originally Posted by SilvioI (Post 218359)
We had a plate on it from FMC that said M113 1/2. That plate was removed during the rebuild and I have not seen it since.

I said M113 1/2 Lynx for a few reasons. Some people know under different names. The Ontario Regiment tank museum has it listed on there website as
" M113 Command and Reconnaissance Vehicle - Lynx", it is listed in some books as M113 1/2 (FMC Designation), I have even seen it listed as M113 C&R.

I posted it as M113 Lynx because I am trying to acquire photos and info needed and I put down what I thought was a common name of the vehicle.

From my post in the other thread.

charlie fitton 21-03-16 23:29

Just picked up an M - 38 CFR No 52 to follow.

Christian Shoebridge 07-10-16 00:10

m100 trailer
Just wondering if anyone has any info on the m100 trailers..i found c.a.r#53-71159 and would like to know its history..any info much appreciated

M100,motorcoach industrys

Ed Storey 07-10-16 02:48

71159 was disposed out of CFB Petawawa in July 1994.

Christian Shoebridge 07-10-16 06:54

m38cdn period photos
Thanks so much for the info,gives me a place to start doing some research..I'm also trying to find some time period photos of Canadian m38s..I managed to piece together a decent unit out of 2 that I was a hardtop with the gas heater that came out of a barn along with 22 others near Pembroke,this one had no c.f.r on the frame so I suspect its one of the 1st markings visible under the repaint..the 2nd one I used for the frame and vin plate mainly...I'm told there's very little to go by for info on these m38s..all I know is it was out of london..I suspect going thru old pics is my best chance of getting some info..does anyone know of a site that has such photos??..I've checked the R.C.R site with no luck

52 m38cdn
43 Harley wlc

302Trooper 29-10-16 14:17

New to me M38A1 CDN 3 1971 CFR 09013
I picked up this Jeep a month or so back and it was pretty much unmolested besides a couple tow hitches and winch. Complete with all 24v electrical as well as a heater.This was actually the closet find I have come across. It was owned from 1987-2014 by the same individual. Going through the Vehicle Info Package the Name that keeps popping up is Willam Stilwell in Smiths Falls Ontario- Bills Garage. Does anyone know if this establishment is still in operation? Do they still have the records of all the vehicles they have bought and sold surplus from Gov Can Surplus? Does anyone have any info about this garage?


BCA 30-10-16 01:31

Bill Stillwell had a lot of surplus dealings in the 1970's to 1990's from his home base in Smiths Falls, Ontario. At best I would say he has been retired for a decade or so. Many times he would be a buying agent for American companies like Sarafan who were interested in Crown Assets sales. Brian

302Trooper 02-11-16 03:41

Bill's Garage

I wish I had his files as this would answer so many of our questions when it comes to info about our vehicles history.


302Trooper 21-11-16 03:41

TQ3 Crewman 1982
1 Attachment(s)
Here is a photo from the guys a few years before me in Petawawa with the VIII CH(PL) drivers training. I think the CFR on the M38A1 is 08438.

markcos 13-12-16 23:53


2wkvefyw8pk LS2611


Any good history on this one ??

karl_m38a1 18-12-16 00:29

armstrong mt500

I'm looking for any information on a Armstrong MT500 military motorcycle with serial number MTEC0043


Ed Storey 18-12-16 02:06

Armstrong 485cc MT500 Motorcycle
Armstrong 485cc MT500 Motorcycle ECC 120104 MTEC0043 CFR 85-78536 - July 1986-Nov 1995, employed by 1 R22eR.

Wayne Hingley 18-12-16 02:18

Cfr 08960
Any info out there on CFR 08960 M38A1 106RR Jeep (1971)?

Ed Storey 18-12-16 03:01

M38A1CDN3 Jeep
M38A1CDN3 Jeep 100131 CFR 71-08960 ECC 121310 disposed out of Halifax in June 1987.

Frank v R 21-12-16 22:16

Hi Ed, please let me know if can find info on the following , ie. CFR # & unit history , deployment, both trucks are ex UN mission ,as follows:

CUCV M-1008 1GCGD34J6HF400225

CUCV M-1008 1GCGD34J6HF401259

Ed Storey 21-12-16 22:36

Cucv m1008
Sorry Frank, I have not yet built a CUCV M1008 database. Remind me again in Feb at which time I may be able to help.


Frank v R 22-12-16 14:50

will do , thanks Ed

302Trooper 31-12-16 00:29

1 Attachment(s)
Any info on this M38A1 CDN 3 CFR 71-09013.


Ed Storey 31-12-16 02:37

M38a1cdn3 09013
CFR 09013 SN 100272 ECC 121301 was sold out of CFB Petawawa in Feb 1987.

Frank v R 31-12-16 19:39

Hi Ed , here's my buddies as follows:

1970 M-38A1 cdn3 CFR 70-08642

Ed Storey 31-12-16 19:47

M38a1cdn3 08642
CFR 08642 SN 99867 ECC 121301 was sold out of CFB Petawawa in Nov 1986.

Frank v R 31-12-16 20:34

Thanks Ed, nothing on the unit?

302Trooper 24-02-17 00:29

Does anybody know what the Holding Unit 0107 is? That is the unit that held 71-09013

Ed Storey 24-02-17 00:39

Uic 0107
UIC 0107 is CFB Petawawa. M38A1CDN3 09013 was disposed of in Feb 1987.

302Trooper 03-03-17 03:30

Thanks Ed,

I spoke with Mr. Stillwell last week. He was unable to find any info in his files concerning any of my Jeeps. He did sell 3 of them but he no longer had any documents remaining in his files.

Does anyone know where to find NOS seat belts for the CDN 2 or 3?


rob love 03-03-17 06:32


Originally Posted by 302Trooper (Post 235088)
Thanks Ed,

I spoke with Mr. Stillwell last week. He was unable to find any info in his files concerning any of my Jeeps. He did sell 3 of them but he no longer had any documents remaining in his files.

Does anyone know where to find NOS seat belts for the CDN 2 or 3?


Go on ebay and look for seatbelts for boats, or aftermarket seatbelts. There are also sites on the net that sell belts. I won't use the term NOS when it comes to seat belts, because they were add-ons for the Cdn2, and there were variations in the replacement belts.

maple_leaf_eh 03-03-17 12:33


Originally Posted by 302Trooper (Post 235088)

Does anyone know where to find NOS seat belts for the CDN 2 or 3?


Agree with what Rob mentioned. My take off M38A1 CDN2 seat belts have conventional working ends. The attachment (as I recall) is a two-piece opposing hook with a slot for the belt and connects to an eyebolt on the vehicle. Loosen the belt wrappings, open the hooks, catch one on the eye, and maneuver the other hook to close over the eye. There may have been a cotter pin to keep the two hooks closed. Then tighten up the seat belt wraps and ignore until a restorer asks.

BTW, this thread is about asking for registration numbers not parts advice.

Jon Skagfeld 03-03-17 16:59


Originally Posted by Ed Storey (Post 232859)
CFR 09013 SN 100272 ECC 121301 was sold out of CFB Petawawa in Feb 1987.

That CFR is 35 numbers from mine.

Frank v R 04-03-17 13:28

hey Jon , the vehicle I asked about above belongs to Nick Webb , we are in the process of getting it ready for safety, Nick came up with the CFR's for the 3 CDN 3's that the Royals had , I checked my list had one there , vehicle is in St Thomas with Mary-Lou,, hope your staying warm up there,

Eric B 07-03-17 18:57

cable laying M151A2
I know the EDR is no longer accessible. If somebody has anything on file. I would like to know if 1974 M151A2 CFR 09847, sn 30105 was used by 5CMBG HQ and Sig, or 5 RCHA. It is the only Cable Laying M151A2 Produced. Would be nice if anybody has any more info on this unit or photos.


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