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Frank v R 18-04-19 14:48

Hi Ed , do you have anything on 70-08710 , serial 99870 ?

Ed Storey 18-04-19 16:44

M38a1cdn3 70-08710
70-08710 99870 was a M38A1CDN3 ECC 121308 Cable Layer sold out of CFB Gagetown in October 1989.

Wayne Hingley 18-04-19 18:59

another one...
Hi Ed. By chance is there anything recorded for M101CDN 53-73510?


Ed Storey 19-04-19 02:57

M101 53-73510 Serial 510 was manufactured by Olsen and disposed of from CFB Chatham in February 1991.

Wayne Hingley 19-04-19 05:13

Thanks Ed. Much appreciated!

Frank v R 19-04-19 16:23

thanks Ed,

Jacques Rioux 19-04-19 17:01

CFR location
On a slightly related note, does anybody know if there is another location where a CFR maybe located on an Iltis apart from the Data plate next to the steering wheel. Reason being I think my Iltis may have been repaired or some parts swapped after it was released from the Army. I researched the CFR 88113, and it seems to have spent most of it's time with a medical and air force unit in Quebec but I have indications on on the windshield that it spent time with a Armored/Artillery unit. None of which where mentioned in the freedom on information reply I received from the government

302Trooper 06-05-19 17:50

Alpine CFR
Ed, Do you have anything on a Alpine
seial number 3340 00020


Ed Storey 06-05-19 17:58

Alpine Snowmobile
All I know is that it was disposed of in 1989 from CFB Petawawa.

302Trooper 07-05-19 00:32

Alpine CFR

Thats better than no info. I have collected all the parts now for a complete machine. I found a NOS hood and belly pan. Between the two machines I have i can make a correct one.
Thanks for the help

QuentinCennon 26-05-19 05:22

M38a1 cnd2
Just picked up a 67 M38A1 CND2. only numbers i can make out from the data plate is 96920. it is registered in BC. I'm 3rd civilian owner. PO told me he believes it was bought at asset disposal in Chilliwack. would like to know who had it so i can get the markings as correct as possible. thanks

Wayne Hingley 26-05-19 07:47

Quentin; your CFR for S/N 710596920 is 07873. Ed may have reference to disposal location etc.

Ed Storey 26-05-19 14:41

M38a1cdn2 67-07873
Your M38A1CDN2 67-07873 ECC 121201 was disposed of from CFB Esquimalt in February 1987.

QuentinCennon 26-05-19 20:04

M38a1 cnd2
Thanks for all the info. On an unrelated note i was posted to Esquimalt 10 years after the jeep's disposal. Is there a way to look up the user group? I would assume it would be PPCLI.

Retsarge 27-05-19 16:16

Could you explain what ECC means. Thanks

Richard Mix
1967 M38A1CDN2
7105 96879

rob love 27-05-19 17:16

ECC is equipment configuration code. It will cover variations like winches, radios, weapons systems additions, or any other variation to the basic vehicle that is worth differentiating from.

If there were a need for 20 jeeps with radios (or installation kit, electrical equipment (IKEE) in army speak), it would allow higher authority to select the vehicles without having to have someone physically check compounds to select and verify them.

Retsarge 28-05-19 05:56

Thank you Rob for explaining that.

QuentinCennon 29-05-19 06:45

is there a place to take the ECC number and find out what that build is comprised of ?


rob love 29-05-19 14:20

The EDR viewer lets you see the translation of the ECC. You could also look in the old CGCM government catalogue of material, as it would list the ECC as the part number for the vehicle. As well, there were manuals that listed the ECCs. The modification instructions also listed ECCs when there would be a change. That said, 90% of the fleet would have the same ECC.

Wayne Hingley 29-05-19 15:17

1 Attachment(s)
For M38A1 1/4 ton trucks; these is the various ECC’s with the quantity of each listed.

Ed Storey 29-05-19 17:04

ECC List
That list was a 'snapshot in time' as it only covered the M38A1CDN fleet at the end of its' service.

Josh Mordarski 14-07-19 00:18

I'm wondering if someone can check for the CFR and available info for a buddy's Iltis and trailer.

Iltis: CFR 86800
Trailer: Serial 0245

Assistance Is greatly appreciated!

Ed Storey 14-07-19 16:23

CFR Information
Iltis CFR 86800 was disposed of out of CFB Shilo in August 2006 while trailer M101CDN2 Serial 0245 CFR 16019 belonged to 17 (Winnipeg) Service Battalion and was disposed of in July 2005.

Josh Mordarski 14-07-19 19:14

Awesome, thanks Ed! That's neat to see one of our guys actually has some local equipment :D

Clint Tauber 29-07-19 07:23

53-41226. Anything on her? She has RCAC insignia under the paint .

Ed Storey 29-07-19 13:11

Do you have a serial number for the vehicle?

Clint Tauber 29-07-19 18:28

91401492 is the serial.

Ed Storey 29-07-19 19:45

My M37CDN database is very limited so unfortunately I don't have anything on your vehicle. Is yours with or without a winch?

Clint Tauber 29-07-19 20:52


Originally Posted by Ed Storey (Post 262202)
My M37CDN database is very limited so unfortunately I don't have anything on your vehicle. Is yours with or without a winch?

It is without winch. Under the paint, I have found on the hood both the insignia of RCAC, and a Mobile Command decal, and under the decal, the 1st Canadian Division insignia. The door has a triangle, square, and a diamond from being assigned to the various squadrons at different times. Also, both doors seem to have been painted yellow at some point early in its career. Pretty interesting truck.

Ed Storey 29-07-19 21:22

Some interesting markings on that M37CDN. Any sign of a stowage box affixed over the cab?

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