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Ed Storey 07-03-17 22:42


I have 09847 SN 46209 ECC 121408 being disposed of from CFB Valcartier in Dec 1988.


Eric B 08-03-17 02:23

Hello Ed

I should have mentioned that I have the disposal list for the M151A2's... as well.

Just trying to tweak a few things for Clive's M151A2 in Canadian service book.



Retsarge 04-04-17 06:10

On my 67 M38A1CDN2 I installed military aircraft jumpseat seat belts. They have a snap on hook to attach to the vehicle installed eye hook ring mounts, the working end of the belts have a quick fastening/unfastening hook. I got my 4 used sets from a friend at a nearby Air Force National Guard base. They are military issue and fit perfectly in the thought that the military would have used what was available in the military supply system. Here is the info to find them: Belt, Safety, Lap, Troop...Type C-3A..FSN: 1680-01-128-4488 they are 1 3/4 inch white nylon webbing and if you put good used ones in your CDN2 or 3 they will look perfect and be completely safe and functional for everyday use. I also installed 2 sets in the rear of my jeep for my 2 grandsons to use. I attached rings on the bolts that are used to attach the spare tire rack and the jerry can rack. They have been using them since they were 6 and 5 years old.
Richard Mix Jr.
7105 96879
CFR 67-07832

Kevin MacDonald 19-09-17 20:08

Ferret 54 82606 any info?
I think its a no but are any records available?


rob love 19-09-17 21:10

British registration number 36BA80 disposed of thru Crown Assets in Calgary in 1982.

Kevin MacDonald 21-09-17 15:39

Thanks for the information.


Bob Brown 13-11-17 02:14

Does anyone know the TAC sign for 2RCHA A Battery. A photo or drawing would be great.
Thanks Folks

Robin Craig 13-11-17 03:46

I guess I should ask if anyone has anything on Canadair CL70 58-91588, a long shot but you never know until you ask.

Terry Witiuk 20-11-17 01:30

Dodge M37 54-42279
5 Attachment(s)
Any help with info about this 1954 CDN Dodge M37 wouldbe greatly appreciated.

CFR 54-42279
Delivery date 2-18-54
Model T249
Contract CDLV758
Serial No. 91402556

Cheers, Terry

rob love 20-11-17 01:34

99% of the M37s were released before the records went to the computer.

Robin Craig 26-11-17 16:15

Looking for any help on CFR 67-35820 belonging to a Lynx C and R please and thank you anyone, either here or by pm or email.


Ed Storey 26-11-17 16:26

Lynx C and R 35820
Lynx C and R 67-35820 ECC 113405 was disposed of out of Lahr, Germany in Jan 1993.

Robin Craig 27-11-17 00:13

Ed, thank you for such a speedy reply, is there anything further back than then?

Frank v R 04-03-18 23:47

Hi Ed, anything on the CUCV file as yet ?, just picked up a Amb that came out of Pet.

Ed Storey 05-03-18 00:48

What are you looking for? Which vehicle?

Frank v R 06-03-18 13:38

info on CUCV pm sent

Ed Storey 06-03-18 20:50

M1010 CUCV Ambulance ECC 123527
1 Attachment(s)
Here is a photograph of a Canadian M1010 CUCV Ambulance.

Attachment 98422

Frank v R 08-04-18 00:26

M38a1cdn 3
Hi Ed any info on the following vehicle:
1970 M-38A1 CDN 3 serial 99972, CFR 70-08731, 106 jeep,

Ed Storey 08-04-18 01:47

M38a1cdn3 08731
The only thing that I can add is that this Jeep was sold out of CFB Toronto in July 1987.

Frank v R 08-04-18 13:33

thanks Ed,

302Trooper 29-04-18 23:26

M38a1 cdn 2
1 Attachment(s)
Another Jeep followed me home this weekend from the Ottawa. It is in really rough shape but does have many salvageable parts. The data plate on the dash was still there but not the small one behind the passenger seat as a portion of the wheel well has been replace at some point. Can anyone pull up the history of this jeep? Serial #96870

Thanks in advance

Frank v R 30-04-18 14:37

is that the one with the rear axle missing? if so I'm happy someone picked it up, too far for me and I have too many here now, please let me know if it's that one as I saved a photo and with the other info I can add it to the data base now,

302Trooper 01-05-18 11:47

Jeep from Ottawa area
1 Attachment(s)
Yes this is the jeep that was missing the front wheels and complete rear axle. I pulled it to Porcupine to salvage as many of the remaining good parts.

Dave L. 04-05-18 06:28

New member to MLU, looking for vehicle history info

Iím a new member to MLU, and
wondering if someone can
help me out.

I purchased an Iltis last year
and have been looking for the
vehicle history.

CFR 88335

Any thing would be great.



Ed Storey 05-05-18 03:33

Iltis 88335
Iltis 88335 BI01-04-86-88335 ECC 121501 was purchased in Aug 1986 and was disposed of in Oct 2005. The last user unit was JTF2.

Dave L. 05-05-18 04:24

Iltis 88335
Hey, Ed

Thanks for the info, did not expect that.
When i bought it, I always wondered
if I would find out the history and see if
maybe I drove it back in the day.

Do you have anymore info?



maple_leaf_eh 05-05-18 04:39


Originally Posted by Dave L. (Post 250202)
Hey, Ed

Thanks for the info, did not expect that.
When i bought it, I always wondered
if I would find out the history and see if
maybe I drove it back in the day.

Do you have anymore info?



Easy there, rusty young trucker. The oracle knows and reveals all in its own good time. Patience.

Ed Storey 05-05-18 16:20

I have been called many things, but oracle is a first! I didn't record every user unit for each Iltis in CF use, just the last unit and whether or not the vehicle served overseas.

Keith Macdonald 11-05-18 04:09

Is CFR info available?
1 Attachment(s)
Is there any info available on my Iltis, CFR #88199?

Ed Storey 11-05-18 13:15

Iltis 88199
Your Iltis BI01-03-86-88199 was sold out of Petawawa in November 2005.

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