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Jon Bradshaw 08-01-16 01:31

Heads up: Restored M135 Ex Canadian truck.
For sale on Kijiji in Edmonton, $7500.00, no connection to seller.

charlie fitton 08-01-16 13:44

Who can afford to feed it?

rob love 08-01-16 15:04

With the current price of fuel, it is easy to figure out your cost per trip. Basically, every time the odometer trips over for another mile, you just spent a buck. Please don't ask me how I know this. It is however, one of the good things about our Canadian dollar free-falling to worthlessness. I know that it is only Cdn pesos vanishing in a fog of exhaust.

Bruce MacMillan 11-01-16 19:24

It may be one of the specially modified trucks with the false floor used to smuggle beer on exercises to Fort Lewis, Washington.

Often paid for the trip I hear

Jes Andersen 11-01-16 20:39

That reminds me of the 'other' smuggling attempt. :nono:

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