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Garry Shipton (RIP) 04-08-06 21:30

Combat Camera ??
Does anyone know of this Canadian website??
I read about it in the newspaper today.

klambie 04-08-06 21:54

Combat Camera
Carrying on the tradition of the Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit. This thread at has some links to video from Afghanistan.

Should be better for you than the CBC, Garry. You keep banging your head against that wall hoping they'll learn something about the military.

Darrell Zinck 05-08-06 15:26

Hi Garry

A more direct link for you. I took the liberty of going straight to the "English" page.

It's not huge collection (yet) but my contact at DAPA tells me they're adding to it everyday. :) :)

If you know a serving military member and need a specific pic, ask them to contact CFJIC (Cdn Fcs Joint Image Centre) for you. Now there's a collection!! :cool:


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