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Rick DeBruyn 20-09-20 18:54

Radiator filler neck
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For Sale

Radiator filler neck for the Ford Universal Carrier. This threads into the Canadian radiators. The unit does not come with a cap, the cap is a standard size available at most parts stores.

$57.00 CND plus shipping. Message me with your contact/email if interested.


Michael R. 21-09-20 06:18

PM sent, thanks.

Lynn Eades 21-09-20 08:26

Just be aware that with the wartime rad., the cap is supposed to open and dump pressure at 3.5psi. (Ford did make the seams of soldered joints bigger during the war)
Having said that, I have done (and posted on here) exactly this and I run a 4 pound cap. So far no problems.
Aside from the difficulty of finding an original, functioning cap, the advantage here is the ease of access to checking and top up, which is a pig with the original.
Well done Rick!

Rick DeBruyn 17-10-20 18:56

Rad Cap
FYI to those needing a cap, I bought the “Stant 10208”, it’s a 4 psi cap and seems to work well.

Robert Bergeron 28-10-20 04:53

i have used a 1930’s N series Ford tractor radiator cap rated for 4 pounds and it fits and works well. $6.50

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