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Bruce Parker 11-05-22 18:29

4511 Brake Cylinder parts
Can anyone tell me if rebuild kits or even just the rubber cups are available for CMP 4511 wheel cylinders as used on 15cwt rears and all four on 60cwts? Is there a modern part number?

Lynn Eades 11-05-22 21:03

Bruce are you talking about the 1 3/8" cylinders?
For the 1 1/2" cylinders, I recall the cups were available, I just couldn't find the correct boots. (here in N.Z.) I then bought new cylinders from the USA. Rob L. put me on to the part numbers and the supplier.

gjamo 12-05-22 08:49


Tony Smith 12-05-22 10:21

I think the modern move to "Throw the old one out and get another off the shelf" attitude amongst parts suppliers means that components like cups and boots (either separate or in a rebuild kit) are no longer supplied. They assume that bringing the cost down by having the whole assembly made in "some other country" is more economical than reconditioning used parts.

Doesn't just apply to brake parts. I'm seeing the same with Alternators/Starter motors, Carburettors, even radiators. The cost of an aftermarket assembly is aimed to be cheaper than a rebuild kit and the labour to recondition it.

rob love 12-05-22 13:12

If you just want cups, they are cheap enough and NAPA still carry them. It's the proper boots that will be the challenge.

New cylinders are $50 Cdn from Rock auto, and their shipping is relatively quick and cheap. For that $50 you get a part that is in specification and will last a lot of years. Personally, I have always found rebuilds, including ones from jobbers, to only last about half as long.

When you put it into perspective, the $100 to replace the two cylinders is less than it will cost you to top up your fuel tank these days, and about the same cost as taking the wife out to the Keg for dinner.

Hanno Spoelstra 12-05-22 14:43

Oem: 91t-2128
This is where I bought them locally:

Histoparts sources most of their inventory from the big suppliers in the USA, incl. Macís and Dennis Carpenter

rob love 12-05-22 17:16

Using the original Ford part number of 91T-2128 on a google search gets a lot of hits, but most of the ones listed (including Mac's as well as the Link Hanno shows) are shown as out of stock or discontinued.

Don Smith 19-05-22 01:15

Yes I have also found the same problem trying to buy a master cylinder kit. Most places no longer stock repair kits. Sad reflection of the times we live in.

rob love 19-05-22 03:32

I don't consider it that great a loss. There are a lot of jurisdictions that do not allow rebuilt brake parts anymore, and quite frankly the costs have come down so much that there is little reason to rebuild.

I think Derk Derin was telling me the other day that NAPA wanted $200 for a Ford master cylinder. Thanks to the internet a new Ford master cylinder is $63 plus postage, so easily half that once postage is factored in.

Then again, 5 years ago I was getting that same master cylinder for $35.

derk derin 26-05-22 17:06

4 Attachment(s)
Thanks to Rob Love who told me the part numbers to order for the brake parts I need for my 3 Ton Ford CMP ambulance (2 years ago) I finally put the order in at after checking with NAPAís prices that were worth more than the CMP.
Hereís what the parts list for. When you check out it will calculate shipping and any other costs for you when itís in your cart.
Donít forget to google a Rockauto discount code to add to your checkout and you get an additional 5 percent off the total price!
Now I just have to find the time and ambition to start the restoration!

John Mackie 16-08-22 08:42

Suppliers of hydraulic brake parts.
Over many years I have sourced my brake parts from Central West Brake and Clutch in Orange N. S. W, I only quote the PBR part #and they supply.

They also make up brake hoses , made me a GPA handbrake cable and machined my Carrier drums.

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