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Darrin Wright 15-08-15 11:28

Mortar bipod advice
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Hi all,
I have picked up a 3" Mortar Bipod for my LP2 Mortar Carrying BGC.

I know it is missing the square cut screw threads (traverse & elevation)- were these brass? hence why they have gone (scrap).
Is there a parts list to identify what is missing? Then I can try and source those items. Presumke there must be a handle to adjust the aim of the tube?

Does anyone have the items that I am missing?

It is marked MTG 3IN MOR, CBC and the D&D. No dates.

Required some heat and gently persuasion to spread the legs, will get it sand blasted when the weather improves for painting.

Also a round came with it, not what I thought was a standard mortar round. I did not think they were so square or have parallel sides.

Thanks for any advice with this.

rob love 15-08-15 13:36

BRP in the US has come into some of these parts. You will need a friend in the US to get them, but at least they are available somewhere:

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