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Jordan Baker 16-11-20 17:46

Fuse block
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Hi all

Hopeful the collective knowledge here might be able to help me out. Iím looking to find the same style of fuse block/junction block as pictured below.

The burned out one is what I have left. The painted over one is the best I could find showing as complete as I know.

Bruce Parker 16-11-20 18:24

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Try looking at SlideLock fuses. I'm surprised yours aren't the same replacement wire type as in the Fox, but googling Slidelock does show something similar to your pics. The spare fuse wire holders (red tubes) in my pic look a lot like the tube at the top of your second painted pic.

Jordan Baker 16-11-20 19:24

Thanks Bruce

I figured the Otter and Fox would be similar they were built at same time and same body contractor.

Any chance of a picture or two of the inside of the Wheat lamp charger. The Otter used the same thing.

mark gillatt 16-11-20 23:39

LWD as one listed.

Jordan Baker 16-11-20 23:55

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Well I did some further checking on the fuse and one of the burned out pieces came out easily. Why I never tried it before I donít know....but itís now confirmed Slydlok 1533. They are quite plentiful on line

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