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Geoff Winnington-Ball (RIP) 09-08-07 17:47

Introduction, Forum Layout etc
G'day gents. In light of the interest shown and the comments made in Bob Moseley's thread on sources, I have created this subforum to keep all this information in one place. Let's set some guidelines:

(1) This forum will not be for lads to list all their one-time-sale of various bits which may be hiding in the recesses of their sheds - we already have a Buy & Sell forum for those.

(2) Rather, and going on Bob's model, let's list the places we've found stuff which will be available to others requiring the same parts, as well as dealers, distributors and fabricators who will be able to supply on demand. If you yourself build stuff in your shop and would do so for others upon request, by all means list yourself accordingly.

If there are any other points we should address right here, feel free to say. In the meantime, I'll cobble up a loose template by which you can list your things, starting with the ideas which have already been expressed. Feel free to suggest modifications or additions to this, too.

Stand by.

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