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Peter Phillips 15-03-21 17:13

Looks amazing Wayne, I'm stunned by your level of detail! Maybe your wiper motor was built on 4/20 of that year, lol.

Wayne Hingley 01-04-21 02:15

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Last week after topping the system up with coolant, I discovered a small leak in the top radiator tank. I removed the radiator and dropped it off at a shop yesterday, hoping to get a repair to the tank. Visually, the radiator is in very good overall condition and it seems quite solid. However, from past experience with old radiators, I know there can be more issues than what can be seen. As it turns out, my fears were real. After doing some basic checks the shop has discovered there are many defects in both the top and bottom tanks... too much to repair. So Im now now in the process of getting a completely new radiator manufactured for this truck. I knew this old radiator was a bit of a gamble... At least I wont need to worry about cooling system issues for a few years.

super dave 02-04-21 07:23

I had that also when doing my M37 years a go I took a couple of rads in to get checked as they looked perfect just to find out the the tanks had multiple cracks in them and were not worth fixing them

Wayne Hingley 02-04-21 16:25

Yes, that's it Dave. Mine had those small micro-cracks throughout both tanks. They said adding heat in the process of doing any repairs will make it all worse. I had a similar situation with multiple M38A1 radiator tanks in the past. The metal seems to get brittle with that much time and use (heating and cooling).

Walde Libera 02-04-21 22:06

I tried fixing used rads on my first restorations and always ended up having issues leaks and overheating.
We spend a fortune on the engine and skimp on the radiator to save on costs but in the end you’ll ruin your fresh engine rebuild.
Good call.
All 4 of my restorations have had rads redone, no engine issues whatsoever never had overheats even in the hottest weather.
:note: :cheers:

Wayne Hingley 03-04-21 04:41

Walde; I totally agree.

chris vickery 03-04-21 15:05

Never a restoration without a full radiator re-core. That’s always been my mantra.
My seemingly good Jeep rad unexpectedly decided to dump on my garage floor one day even before I got around to starting my restoration. Gave me incentive to get it done right

Wayne Hingley 17-08-21 05:23

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I received my new radiator back in May, but I’ve been slow to get my updates posted. I’m quite satisfied with the quality of the new radiator. The top tank however, does not have the same arched shape as the original, so it leaves a 1” gap between the top of the tank and the upper shroud. I made a small metal section with a rubber strip to fill the void.

David Dunlop 17-08-21 05:36

Nice work-around, Wayne.


Wayne Hingley 17-08-21 05:38

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I have also finished the side boards and troop seats, installed the hood, glass, doors and fired the engine up yesterday. Some tuning to do and brakes to bleed before heading out the door.

Mike Cecil 17-08-21 16:16

Looking great, Wayne. Very skillful. :thup2:


Lynn Eades 17-08-21 23:26

I have followed this thread. You have done a great job Wayne. :note:

Wayne Hingley 18-08-21 17:42

Thanks for the comments David, Mike and Lynn. More to follow when we get out in the direct sunlight. :smoker:

Peter Phillips 20-08-21 17:29

Great looking rig Wayne.....and the rad modification looks perfect! :salute:. Are you going to bring it by the previous owners place once it's done?

Wayne Hingley 23-08-21 17:52

Thanks Pete. Im sure Ill eventually make it over to the property where I found the truck. Maybe something else sprouted up in the spot where this one was found...?

Marc Montgomery 12-09-21 18:24


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