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Terry Witiuk 08-03-17 14:52

CMP Magazine #75
Hello to all. Quick post to say that CMP Magazine #75 is in the works and close to being published. Target date for this is before end of March. There have been some inquiries about personal "For Sale" classified advertisements. Yes to this and free for OMVA members. Of course, items being offered for sale should be relevant to our interest. Anyone who wants to place such an advertisement can contact me by private message or by email,

Cheers, Terry Witiuk

Lauren Child 08-03-17 22:29

Hi Terry,

Can you give us some more information about the magazine and how to order/subscribe?


Terry Witiuk 09-03-17 02:48

CMP Magazine #75
Lauren. CMP Magazine is the official publication/magazine of the Ontario Military Vehicle Association. OMVA members pay an annual membership fee of $30 CAD and the magazine is distributed to members as part of that fee. FYI, we do have members outside the province of Ontario. The magazine is the property of the OMVA and is published as material allows with the "goal" of publishing three printed issues per year. It is a non-profit publication keeping in line with OMVA's non-profit status. We do not sell subscriptions on their own. We currently have black & white copies for some back issues which we have offered for sale to everyone. Please have a look at the post from earlier this year about that. In another post this year, we provided a link to a courtesy copy CMP #74. If you already haven't done so, have a look as it will give you an idea as to what the OMVA and the magazine are all about. If the magazine is still of interest, why not consider joining the OMVA for that reason.

CMP #75, will be the second issue with me as editor and I am also the current OMVA Vice-President. Please contact me with any other questions or post them here.

Cheers, Terry Witiuk.

Terry Witiuk 02-04-17 04:18

CMP Magazine #75
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Quick update. Although magazine was completed about a week and a half ago, there was a delay in getting a proof copy from the printer. All is back on track and hopefully CMP will be mailed out by April 8th. Sorry for the delay.

Cheers, Terry.

Lauren Child 02-04-17 10:57

Thanks Terry, I'd missed those :)

Terry Witiuk 18-04-17 08:26

CMP Magazine #75
CMP #75 being mailed out this morning. Feedback, comments and ideas are welcome. If you would like to submit an article for consideration in CMP #76, please contact me via private messaging.

Cheers, Terry.

Frank v R 20-04-17 20:08

great job Terry , give yourself a pat on the back, :thup2:

Don Dallison 24-04-17 19:44

CMP Magazine
Just received my CMP magazine. Great job Terry, lots of information and interesting articles and in colour. keep up the good work.
Don Dallison

Paul Brown 25-04-17 23:13

The CMP is so much more than a OMVA newsletter. It truly is a great piece of journalism. Terry, you've done a great job. Anyone that appreciates MVs should subscribe/join. General appeal for sure. The entire OMVA membership has got to be proud of Terry's work. Terry, your commitment to the cause needs to be recognized. Kudos!

Jordan Baker 26-04-17 01:15

Got my copy today. very nice and thanks

Eric B 26-04-17 20:08

Great job
Hello Terry

Great Job on the magazine. :)

Have some more stories for you in the works.


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