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Mike Timoshyk 15-04-08 21:51

New Display at CWM
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The Canadian War Museum has added a temporary display to their vehicle collection.

Any guesses to whom these "manic-ins" are and what they represent as far as the story line goes...;)


Mike in Sunny Windsor Ontario

Bob Carriere 17-04-08 03:36

Watch it......
.... who are you calling "store dummies"....?

Phil Waterman 18-04-08 23:35

New Design for Speed Bumps
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When I first saw the picture I thought maybe they had put new speed bumps in the parking lot. But it is nice that the Museum does allow getting up close for detail pictures. When I visited one of the guards saw I was trying to get inside shots of one of the CMPs and she came right over and took the rope down and opened the door of the truck. Right way of thinking about customer service.

Now I've got a shot of Bob getting even further under the truck to get that detail shot.

Mike Timoshyk 19-04-08 01:18

Speed bummps
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Hi Phil,

Yes we were very fortunate to have the curator of the vehicle collection show us around the work shop, storage and a very informative talk on the various pieces in the collection. Here are a couple of shots that I took while "poking around". I suggested, "tongue in check",that the collection room and the workshops are the only places where one would need security metal detectors for those leaving instead of entering... :yappy:

A few pics....


Mike timoshyk in Sunny 27deg C windsor Ontario

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