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FrankJames 05-12-19 17:26

MLVW Wheel Bearings and Seals
Anyone tell me a part number for an MLVW wheel bearing? Seal?

A source?

Would love to find a parts and service manual for these things, if anyone has them.

Have a great day.

rob love 05-12-19 18:32

The wheel bearing part numbers will be on the sides of the bearing and race. They are commercial, usually Timken. The part numbers I have are 3994 for the rollers and 3920 for the cone.

There are two wheel seals inner and an outer. You don't need the outer on the front wheels, just the four rear wheels. You also need a small square of cork between the bearing and the tang lock washer (sits in the groove).But on the front, you may find the need for the inner axle seal, which is in the main axle tube before the knuckles.

The inner and outer seals are unique to the military trucks. Look on ebay for wheel seal M35A2 or M35. You will have lots of hits there. Pretty much all of the powertrain for the MLVW is M35 and the parts are readily available in the US. It is primarily the engine and transmission that are unique to the MLVW. Watch for old stock when you are buying form the US vendors. Many will have seals packed in wax from the 50s or 60s. There is still brand new being made, and are available for about the same price.

You can also use the US manuals for most of your powertrain maintenance and parts.

Here is a link to one of the many ebay sales of the parts you are asking about:

FrankJames 06-12-19 01:07

Thank you very much Rob.

I'm new to the MLVW and just landed a few of them.

I was curious how much US M35 stuff would cross over.

Looking forward to getting them going for the farm.

Have a great night.

rob love 06-12-19 01:41

Some of the MLVW items such as the windshield washer bottle/pump are not American M35, but rather American M939. We also use the airshift transfer case, but the Americans used those as well. All of our metric gauges will interchange with the US non-metric equivalents. Most of the sheet metal is the same or similar enough to make it work.

When I did my MLVW about 6 years back, ebay was my best friend. You will find some stuff on Amazon as well, including . Simply do a search on those sites for m35a2.

FrankJames 06-12-19 03:43

Perfect. Thanks.

Having a look now.

super dave 06-12-19 07:14

I believe I have some of the inner and outer seals for them as well as a couple wheel bearings but cant remember if they are inner or outer ones.

FrankJames 06-12-19 14:17

DMing you
I will send you an email or a DM.

I'm going to need a few.


rob love 06-12-19 15:29

One thing to watch out for on the MLVW is the use of metric and standard fasteners. The chassis and powertrain, being of US design from the 50s, will all be standard UNC or UNF. But the engine (and I can't remember if the transmission is as well) will be metric. Then, just to add to the confusion, the components of the engine like the compressor or the alternator, will be standard. So always check the head markings if you are going to replace fasteners.

FrankJames 11-12-19 20:24

Good advice. Thanks and we'll watch for that !

Wpns 421 17-12-19 19:14

wheel bearings
Go to NAPA or to any large truck repair garage. These are just common bearings and seals. You can also use the bearings and seals that are on the US M35. Mike Calnan might sell you a set.

FrankJames 19-12-19 02:16

Thanks, Gilles.

Mike was nice enough to come visit and have a coffee with me recently. I didn't know him at the time of the post though.

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