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m606paz 29-01-22 01:56

Scotch Hawser Length
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Anyone have a FAT scotch hawser to know the length an diameter wire?
#59 Drawing
Thanks in advance.

Colin Alford 29-01-22 11:29


When I saw your images of the tow cable/chains that you recently found, my first impression was that the cable (rope) was too long.

While I have seen a couple of scotch hawsers, I do not know the correct length or diameter of cable. (They may be 7/16, or 1/2)

I believe that there is more than one length of scotch hawser to correspond with the different wheel base of winch equipped vehicles.


m606paz 29-01-22 14:35

Hi Colin
Thank you for the diameter!
Our FGT need a 9 a 10 feet or 120 inch hawser length.

Phil Waterman 29-01-22 14:38

1941 Pattern 12 C60L different depending on direction
Hi Guys

Don't know about FAT but on the C60L overall length of the cable chain needed is different depending if you are putting scotch under the front or rear wheels. This is because of the hook placement.

I've used my winch quite a lot, the winch is very powerful and in general you either need to use the scotches or chain the truck to a good size tree. The winch will drag the truck with all four wheels locked. Normal wheel blocks do very little.

With scotches under the wheels using the hold cables you can still drag the truck until the scotches dig in, then the winch is very impressive.

We are in the midst of a blizzard today, but I'll measure my cable and chain length, this week will also post some photos of the difference. Also post some videos of winch in use.

Cheers Phil

Lynn Eades 29-01-22 22:28

From the image in Mariano's tools post, I suspect that the wire rope for the scotches doubles as a tow rope for a CMP and U.C's. when two chains are added. Also a piece of chain makes up for the disparity of length when the scotches are used at the front or rear of the truck. Only two ropes are needed as the winch is only pulling from one direction and only two ropes and two scotches are used at any one time. Maybe the same length ropes are standard on the various wheel base CMP trucks? If you have the truck and scotches it cant be too hard to work out the rope length or the wire dia. based on the winch rope load capacity etc. (the same type of rope would be more than enough)

rob love 29-01-22 23:41

Not so sure about that Lynn. Item #59 is the hawser cable, and has 4 links permanently attached to the eyelet. Item 61 is the tow cable, and would use the appropriate pair of #62 to complete.

But then the photo of the tractor with the cables attached show cables with 2 hooks directly attached to the eyelets.

m606paz 30-01-22 02:32

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The page share before with the tools are in C60S C60L Driver Handbook

Lynn Eades 30-01-22 03:17

I see details have come out in the other thread.

m606paz 19-02-22 20:03

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I found nos pin - sackles tow rope C01Q 17253 and rope

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