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Hanno Spoelstra 24-06-18 21:43

Registering: additional question
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When signing up, some prospective members stumble over the additional question:
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One should fill in “6” in this field.

The field is pre-populated to throw the spam bots off the right track. There are many spammers who have automated the sign-up process to enter forums and then post their spam. Apologies for making the sign up process a little difficult, but the spammers are a royal PITA....

If anyone keeps having trouble, please send us an email, and we'll sign you up manually.


Hanno Spoelstra 24-06-18 21:58

For your information, these are the other questions a prospective member can expect having to answer. These are added randomly.

Question & Answer Verification Options
  1. What is the fifth word in this question? (no punctuation)
  2. In which month did D-Day take place?
  3. What is the inverse of Maple Leaf Up?
  4. In which year did WW2 end?
  5. What is a maple?
  6. The Canadian flag incorporates which symbol?

Hanno Spoelstra 27-09-21 12:35

BTT - please read and share if needed

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