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Les Fisher 27-11-21 15:25

M37 Long Rear Axle Shaft
I have a rear axle shaft for a M37 for sale $100

rob love 27-11-21 15:51

If you own an M37, and spin your tires for a few seconds on ice in the fall, you will be needing this shaft. Ask me how I know.

derk derin 27-11-21 17:25

I owned at one time an M43 ambulance, M152 Communications van and 3-M37ís. they all had broken axle shafts! There should have been a spot to carry a spare axle shaft next to the spare tire!
I drove off of my front axle for a year until I finally found the long rear axle shaft for my M37 at our favourite surplus yard.
Worth having a spare around.
My 2 cents!

Bruce Parker 27-11-21 18:49

Keep this up and Les' price will go up... :)

Les Fisher 29-11-21 00:13

I could take bids on it !

paul53 04-12-21 05:05

M37 long left axle shaft
Hello Les,
If your willing to ship the axle I'll take it. I could always use a spare..... I'll PM you the shipping info and such. Thanks Paul

Dano McLaren 19-12-21 22:04

M-37 Axel
PM sent today

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