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Keith Webb 13-08-19 01:03

Bart Vanderveen Award
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Congratulations to Mike Cecil on winning the Bart Vanderveen Award. Mike doesn't do Facebook but his wife Kristii posted the following: "So proud of my wonderful husband! He received the 2019 Bart Vanderveen Distinguished Service Award for contributing greatly to the preservation of historic military vehicles worldwide, from the Military Vehicle Preservation Association. It was quite a weekend of awards for us!
Michael's twelfth book is now available too. It tells the stories of people who volunteered from my home town in WWI, and is a fascinating insight into the people and their various experiences of The Great War."

Hanno Spoelstra 13-08-19 01:13

Well deserved in the spirit of Bart, the automotive historian and author.

Congrats, Mike!


Richard Farrant 13-08-19 01:18

Well done and well deserved Mike :note:

best regards, Richard

Wayne Hingley 13-08-19 01:35

Congratulations Mike!

hrpearce 13-08-19 02:01

congratulations Mike.

Lynn Eades 13-08-19 03:26

Yes, Congrats.,Mike. :note: :note:

Luke R 13-08-19 10:18

Congratulations Mike!

Mike Cecil 13-08-19 17:10

Thank you
Thank you, Gents.

It was (is) an honour to be recognised by the MVPA. Thanks for re-posting this, Keith: as you say, I don't face-thingy (Robin Craig can chime in here and say I don't text either!!)

When Krystii says it was a weekend of awards for us, she meant it: she received the Museum Purchase Award at the Hockaday Museum in Kalispell, MT, on the same night.

Great meeting some of the MLU-ers at York. Nice to be able to put faces to names.

And the Ontario Regiment Museum was awarded the Museum of Distinction award by the MVPA: well done team!


Ganmain Tony 16-08-19 03:45

Congrat's Mike,

You've been an enormous help to me in the past as a fountain of knowledge and resource.

The award is well deserved.

Mike Cecil 16-08-19 16:36

Thanks Tony, always happy to assist where I can.

Best regards


Ken Smith 17-08-19 02:09

Congratulations Mike.

I can't help thinking an interesting part of this award is that you give so freely, helpful, researched, information the way Bart did.
I still have all the letters that Bart sent to me responding to my questions, back in the early eighties.

Thanks for all the help you have given me over the years, with your books and online comments.


Mike Cecil 17-08-19 02:47

Thanks Ken.


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