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Robin Craig 12-08-19 14:49

Visiting Fort Drum Museum
Just a quick heads up here.

For anyone trying to include a visit to Fort Drum Museum, be aware that access to the base is now restricted.

You need to read the page below, and even then the military and the security seem to be at odds.

I was refused entry yesterday at the Visitor Centre because I did not have an on base sponsor yet the page says you can get on base for one day without a sponsor.

I am attempting to get clarification from the base and will update when I get it.

And the visitor centre is off on your right before the main gate but lacks any signage, so you approach the main gate then get turned around and sent back to the Visitor Centre.

I had really looked forward to visiting the museum as I was passing by and it was a bonus to the trip.

James P 14-08-19 02:46

Count your good blessings you where not thrown into orange coveralls, blindfolded and flown to Gitmo..............the one upside to that is Justin would make you a multi millionaire when you got back.

Perry Kitson 15-08-19 00:57

The same thing happened to me last October at Fort Knox trying to get into the Patton Museum. Foreigners like myself needed an escort or sponsor to get onto the base. The old entrance has changed, you can no longer access the museum without going past base security first.

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