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Rod Salter 29-12-18 23:59

F60L 51555
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Attachment 104383

Half on
Attachment 104379

Attachment 104380

Tied down
Attachment 104381

Out the gate
Attachment 104382

Big 'THANKS' to my brother-in-law for using his truck

Rod Salter 30-12-18 00:03

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In a quiet bush place
Attachment 104384

Mike Cecil 30-12-18 05:04

Interesting history
AWM126 reveals that this 4x4 GS was one of the CMP trucks supplied to US Forces in Australia (USAFIA) and when it was returned, it was 'US' (unserviceable) and was boarded, that is, subject to a Board of Survey and written off.

USFIA received many vehicles from the Australian Government as Reciprocal or Reverse Lend Lease (RLL), from Morris & Austin two door cars to locally built SC1 armoured scout cars. The majority were eventually returned to the Commonwealth and credited at an agreed second-hand rate to the RLL account, then disposed of by the Commonwealth Disposals Commission (CDC).

If only 51555 could talk ..... it might even be in an American accent.


Matthew P 30-12-18 14:03

Maybe this is a silly question. But is that a logging boom on it? Or was this a recovery vehicle during the war and that's a tow hoist?


Beau Bruce 30-12-18 15:00

Did you trade the previous owner some auto electric skills for the truck like he stated in his for sale add on gumtree mate.?

Mike Cecil 30-12-18 17:51

General Service truck
It was a GS truck in service, with no indication of any official alterations.

The crane boom appears to be a typical civvie change: rip off the GS tray body and install a way-over sized crane.


Matthew P 31-12-18 11:58

Ok thanks. Was confused because the crane seemed so nice looking. Not the typical welded together scrap heaps often seen for logging gins.


Mike Cecil 31-12-18 18:00

Hi Matt,

Those sorts of conversions were very common in Australia especially for logging. Derelict CMPs with all sorts of contraptions, counterweights, chassis strengthening, and so on, were to be found derelict at old sawmill sites well into the 1970s, so I'm reasonably certain that this example is one of those.


Rod Salter 02-01-19 12:42

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Hi Matthew P, I understand the truck was used in a sawmill for a time, then it's last job was lifting large bags of South Australian charcoal for re bagging into smaller bags for local sale here in Queensland.

Beau, I paid for the starter repair he had got done and the electrical work at some future date. The man is not well, had a fall from a forklift and injured his back, in early 2018

The crane is hydraulic under body ram, from a pump with chain drive off back lower right of gearbox.
There are steel spacers to stop the rear springs from flexing.

The crane will be reconstructed onto a chassis as a trailer and will be used with my tractor.

In my dreams the truck looks something like

Attachment 104539

Rod Salter 19-02-19 11:44

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The crane truck has arrived at my place

Attachment 105633

Do CMP vehicles have a 'METAL' attraction to each other ?

Attachment 105634

Now to unload

Attachment 105635

I can't quite make out the stories they tell, But I can hear them rusting

Attachment 105636

And another big 'THANKS' again to my brother-in-law for using his truck.

Tony Smith 01-06-19 10:43


Originally Posted by Rod Salter (Post 256998)
In my dreams the truck looks something like

Attachment 104539

Hi, Rod.

How are things progressing with the truck?

Is it looking anything like the AWM pic yet?

It's always nice to have another sidevalve fire up. :thup:

Rod Salter 04-06-19 01:56

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Thanks for asking, It is a bit lonely out here

I have had a bit of a hold up!
The council realised about a third of my place was in fact their Park.
All my spare time for the last 7 months has been taken shifting 3 acres and 19 years accumulated "Illegally Dumped Rubbish" over the line from their "Park" to my yard.
They are nice about the whole episode, by marking out an area for me to have done in 30 days.
I have only 2 areas to go, so 2 more months. Come on August.
My side of the line is now slightly cluttered and full. Which is not so much enjoyable any more.

That said, I have been up the road in the crane!
What fun, wind in my beard and did I mention absolutely no brakes, whoo hoo!

I decided the chassis had been repaired too many times, so I stripped it bare, and added a hitch.
The crane has been used to shift my “Good Handy Stored Stuff” out of the park.

Attachment 107684

Moving on,
Now that I have set up my new workshop with carpeted floor, air-conditioning and bright solar powered lighting, I can get onto stripping No2 for sand blasting.
This truck will get the engine, gearbox and transfer case as well as the winch transplanted into it from the crane.

Attachment 107685

No 3 (other monkey face) Will get all the leftovers and be offered for sale. If anyone wants it in a hurry, a few days help would help

No 4 The long wheel base Chev, mmm, the chassis has been extended and not tidy either, so I will attempt to get another chassis with a complete (drum to drum) rear diff. Oh, and a gearbox and transfer case would be handy too.

No 5 The Chev radio truck, which I want the most'est, is, entirely a long way from anything.
It has a strange 5 stud front axle welded in it.
But hey! it has the little light to shine on the rear of the diff. (me thinking positive)

Neither of the chevs have steering boxes or even the brackets for one. So a long way to go.

I should post a list of “I wish I had one of ” or is that 2 of nearly everything?

And, I have found a water pump for the other Chev, I will be able to run the motor for a longer time after I fit that, and maybe go for a drive up the road too.

Attachment 107686

Cheers rod

Tony Smith 04-06-19 06:10


Originally Posted by Rod Salter (Post 261269)
The council realised about a third of my place was in fact their Park.
All my spare time for the last 7 months has been taken shifting 3 acres and 19 years accumulated "Illegally Dumped Rubbish" over the line from their "Park" to my yard.

Cheers rod

He-he: "That's not rubbish, Alderman! It's Playground Equipment for Grown-ups!" :cheers:

19 years? Aren't you you able to claim "Squatters Rights" and legally acquire the land from the council if you've been occupying it and using it as your "Park" for more than 12 years?

Rod Salter 22-07-19 13:34

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I should have made this post weeks ago.

I got 3 solid days on the truck and have the chassis turned over to refit the winch

This means bolts are going in now

Attachment 108254

Attachment 108255

I have saved nearly all the bolts by using various methods to cut the nuts off

It is so good when you have the correct tool for the job

Attachment 108256

cheers rod

Tony Smith 23-07-19 09:55

Lots of clear space in the Park to do some abrasive blasting now. :devil:

Rod Salter 03-08-19 02:07

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I bought a pair of trees
No, not pear trees and definitely no partridges in sight
These trees are 20 years old and these trees contained Chev blitzs, or the remains of them

Attachment 108411

Attachment 108412

Using the chainsaw I soon had these trees pruned

Attachment 108413

I was going well until I snagged a concrete block with the chain, instantly causing it to refuse to cut any further

Attachment 108414

so I was stumped.

Attachment 108415

Rod Salter 03-08-19 02:24

Sidetracked continued
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The good crane truck man swung the chassis around, back and forth and eventually broke the remaining woodwork.

Attachment 108421

The little crane could only lift one end on then the other of the main chassis

All in all a bit of a battle to get them loaded.

What have I got? Besides a big ingrown stump?

Attachment 108422


Attachment 108423

One good chassis, less the front cross member which is rusted away
A rusted chassis, with a new bolted in cross member
Two transfer cases (unknown quality)
One gear box (full of water, until I moved the shaft, then the rear seal leaked the water out)
One motor (stuck and sump full of water)
One steering box (full of water, and now dismantled to find both bearings are rusted away, but the reciprocating balls and teeth are good!)
3 front diff assemblies (unknown quality, one set appears to have the backing plates and drums freshly painted)
3 rear diff assemblies ( unknown quality, one set painted, one set has no diff centre)
All brake drums stuck to the linings and do not move
4 fresh sandblasted and painted wheels
one fuel filter
one under chassis pintle hook assembly
enough rusty springs to make 4 goodies (I hope)
and some rusty tail/front shafts

Attachment 108424

Oh, and a front with a good bonnet, grille and a front bumper

Attachment 108425

What have I done now? Seemed like a good idea at the time!

Rod Salter 03-08-19 02:27

Sidetracked 3
1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 108426

On the way home with a trailer load, at a service station, “Hey mate, there's blitz parts like that down the back paddock a my family’s place, give us your number and we'll contact you”
I should check the tyre pressure of the trailer, I suppose?
I am going to change from coffee to water and ration the baked beans

In the mean time I have replaced the o-rings in the crane's ram and started to strip monkey-face number three to get the good chassis for 51555
and the sandblasting outfit has arrived. Now to find some sand and fix the big compressor

Cheers rod

Tony Smith 03-08-19 16:32

I foresee a lot of Molasses and sandblasting grit in your future. :teach:

Rod Salter 08-08-19 06:43

sidetracked 4
4 Attachment(s)
The diffs have been burnt, toasted, on fire at some time

The front crown wheel and pinion seem ok

Attachment 108477

The rear had the oil cooked and then moisture has entered, but it is not pitted so may clean up

That is if I can ever get the axles out or the front hubs apart

Life lesson, If you have a burnt vehicle > strip it while it is warm and chuck all the parts out in the rain
If you store it in a shed after a few years every bolt will be permentaly siezed and the metal continues to rust away
The parts from my mini that burnt, that I did not want, and threw out, are still OK, everthing in the shed simply disintergrated

Attachment 108478

All three of the gearboxes I have, have been full of water and will need serious attention

Attachment 108479

At first I was perplexed as to why anyone would cut the springs with an oxy, but after careful study, they were on the diffs, so toasted too

Attachment 108480

more to follow

Rod Salter 08-08-19 07:01

sidetracked 5
4 Attachment(s)
I took the sparkplugs from the engine to be greeted with a waterfall

Then after getting some of the parts home I pulled the head
it is only half full of water!

Attachment 108481

and the sump

Attachment 108482

and finally the pistons, and gave the cylinders a clean

Attachment 108483

Attachment 108484

every top ring is stuck in the groove

Rod Salter 08-08-19 07:13

take 6
3 Attachment(s)
so I have a project

Attachment 108487

single hole water pump, 10thou bearings and an interesting sump, which is all soldered together

casting number

Attachment 108488

and engine number PR 3867552

Attachment 108489

more rusty discoveries to follow soon


Rod Salter 08-08-19 08:43

and more
5 Attachment(s)
The pistons are already 30 thou over

Attachment 108490

What a waste, a rebuilt motor left to the elements, damm shame
The machining marks are still in the good bores, so I am asuming it was hardly run. In fact I think there was a total restore happening from other indications on this truck's chassis, like new brakes, new clutch plate and painted wheels.

oh well

The front V pully is almost gone, and I'll need more teeth on the ring gear or crank it

Attachment 108491

Even the front drive shaft has holes in it

Attachment 108492

So how bad could the steering box be?

Attachment 108493

at least I didn't hack it apart with an oxy torch!

the bearing surface is badly pitted but the balls and teeth are ok

Attachment 108494

I may be able to machine this end down flat to fit a tapered bearing.

I think I will call this truck "The Phoenix" if it ever rises from the rust!

Tony Smith 08-08-19 10:18


Originally Posted by Rod Salter (Post 262428)
The bearing surface is badly pitted but the balls and teeth are ok.

I think I will call this truck "The Phoenix" if it ever rises from the rust!

I think you should call it "The Stallion".

Only one horsepower, but the balls and teeth are OK. :D

Beau Bruce 08-08-19 11:49

Civilian to military modification.?

Originally Posted by Rod Salter (Post 262426)
so I have a project

Attachment 108487

single hole water pump, 10thou bearings and an interesting sump, which is all soldered together

casting number

Attachment 108488

and engine number PR 3867552

Attachment 108489

more rusty discoveries to follow soon


The sump on the 216 in my 13 cab Chev C60L is also soldered. I was under the impression that the sump volume was increased as a modification for the motor being fitted to a truck instead of an ordinary car or pick-up, but I have no information or source to prove that correct.

Rod Salter 11-08-19 14:53

Back to the fords
5 Attachment(s)
For those who were worried I had forgotton the fords
Truck no 2 was RED at some time, before that it was 40453
Who were the M/C Traders Assn?

Attachment 108556

I got 3 good days on dismantling truck No3
I soon had the cab off

Attachment 108557

And engine no 2C42484F out

Attachment 108558

Why would the radiator mounts be cut out to fabricate more mounts
Note the heavy brazing job on the engine mounts too

Attachment 108559

this nut is stripped and had fell of, but the split pin was still in the shaft

Attachment 108560

Rod Salter 11-08-19 15:04

4 Attachment(s)
Then I moved the chassis close to the real workshop and got out the big toys
A 7 inch grinder and the plasmar cutter

Attachment 108561

I cut off a heap of add ons including this reversable flow brass gear pump
Why use a fillet 3/4 inch thick to weld a 1/2 piece to a 1/4 inch thick chassis I wonder?

Attachment 108562

then set the chassis on stands

This truck has had a hard life possibly a 15 ton tipping grain bin on it
so much wear and tear, the spring bushes and some unijoints are non existant!

Attachment 108563

The open air shop is decidely empty

Attachment 108564

Rod Salter 11-08-19 15:27

3 Attachment(s)
Then yesterday out in the horrific wind, I cut and ground off more extras before I cut a hole in a cross member
(The chassis is upside down)

Attachment 108565

carefully removed some rivets and another cross member to drop in the winch.
Then, lined up the existing holes in the chassis, put in some bolts and went to run the cable

Attachment 108566

Damm there is another cross member in the way
So are trucks with winches fitted with different arrangement of cross members?
I know about another roller at the rear to align the cable into the guide pullys, but how do I get around this member?

and I still have to get the rear lower roller off and bolt it in its correct place
More 3/4 inch welds to remove :bang:

Attachment 108567

I am off for a holiday to see snow and the trucks now wait untill next month
cheers rod

Rod Salter 13-08-19 01:01

1 Attachment(s)
One last job before some time off

I decided to try and get the roller off the pully plate

What an ordeal

First weld it with multiple layers of weld and for good measure poke the rod down the bolt holes on the impossible to get at end and fill them up too

Attachment 108584

I ground and plasma cut and ground and flogged with many different cold chisels and a B big sledge hammer
All the while holding my breath that the casting did not break

I got it eventually

Now after carefull study > this chassis was not made for a winch!
so I will abandon that idea and chuck the winch

The next hack will be to remove the front engine cross member along with the front spring mounts and replace them with parts to be got out of the crane chassis
On this chassis they are already partially bolted in, I have not decided if I will re-rivit them or bolt them up

Oh and luckily I did not damage the cross member I took out for the winch inserion (seemed an easy task at the time) because now it will have to go back
Then close up the other holes that are cut in cross members all over the place and smoth them off

Next month > Grind back smooth all the remaing welds of the added on accessories, scrape the gunk off, wire brush all over and sandblast

And, and also next month, relocate the last of my 'Illigally dumped rubbish' out of the council's park

I will be so glad when that is done except for the depressing congestion around and about my shed and back yard

To be continiued ...........

Tony Smith 13-08-19 01:13


Originally Posted by Rod Salter (Post 262497)
For those who were worried I had forgotton the fords
Truck no 2 was RED at some time, before that it was 40453
Who were the M/C Traders Assn?

Attachment 108556

40453 is listed in that pic (like all the others listed) as an Indian Solo Motorcycle, probably a 741B! "M/C Traders" is the Motorcycle Traders Association.

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