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Brian Gough 09-07-05 12:28

eBay: Ford Motor Co. WW2 Postcards
T16 see item #6544796572

FAT see item #6544796293

FYI only. I have no connection to this sale.


Brian Gough 08-09-05 05:00

eBay: more Ford WW2 production line postcards listed
Ford Motor Co. WW2 production line postcards:

T16 item #6559288234

FAT item #6559287578

Same seller as in previous post and I have no connection with this sale.


David_Hayward (RIP) 08-09-05 08:42

Flying FAT
The 1940 # 11 Cab FAT photo is in the Canadian Archives: I bought a print. There are F60H and C11AD vehicles in the background not visible in the postcard.

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