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Chuck Anderson 06-06-18 19:53

1945 Daimler Scout Car
sale pending

charlie fitton 07-06-18 12:19

I'm checking the lottery today....

lssah2025 07-06-18 12:39

Looks like you have Terry John's old dingo.

Chuck Anderson 07-06-18 15:43

Yes, its the one Terry had.

Terry kept it in good running condition for the long convoy trips he put together here in the Midwest. Since I got it from him, I've been working on the aesthetics. I've put on the correct exhaust, added a reproduction top, fabbed the top support brackets..shift selector rod housing..front stowage box..hand crank, filled holes, added other brackets, rewired some electrical, added the missing marker light, choke cable, & No. 9 antenna mount.

He said the 19 set works, but I haven't had any reason to try it.

Here's a video taken last December (before I had added the correct exhaust & top).

lssah2025 07-06-18 16:25

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Chuck I know that dingo quite well :) Here are some before pics before Chuck bought it. Do you have the Browning (.303) mount that was on the front plate? If so I would be interested in that, I would also be interested in another dingo, but have too much in the fire right now.

Chuck Anderson 07-06-18 20:47

I'm afraid the mount (& Browning) went to a guy in Mississippi a couple months ago.

jdmcm 08-06-18 17:39

What a fantastic piece of WW2 armor Chuck! And easy to move to events! Makes me want to change my mind on downsizing. Is it as fun to drive as it looks? I saw David Fletcher from the Bovington Tank Museum do one of his Tank Chats on YouTube and he showed some footage from the 40's with the troops driving those like maniacs! Good luck with the sale, at that price it can't last long


Chuck Anderson 08-06-18 19:01

Thanks John!

They are fun to drive. I used to use the last one I had (now in Bethpage NY) at North Africa reenactments in Yakima Washington. One time I was tooling down a tank track and didn't realize the whole track dropped off about 3 feet. I went off at 20 mph and had all four off the ground. After a quick assessment of the vehicle and inventory of teeth, I was on my way again. :blink:

cpetronis 09-06-18 03:46

Chuck, I just sent you an email to your account here on the MLU. I might have somebody very interested in the Dingo here in the States. Thanks - Chris

Chuck Anderson 10-06-18 03:56

sale pending

Hanno Spoelstra 10-06-18 14:47


Great to see the Dingo has found a new home, pity to see you removed the original ad so other can no longer enjoy viewing it.


Chuck Anderson 10-06-18 15:35

I put the photos back up.

Hanno Spoelstra 10-06-18 16:55


Originally Posted by Chuck Anderson (Post 250991)
I put the photos back up.

Excellent, thanks!


eddy8men 30-01-19 23:41

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the dingo is now in safe hands :)

kevin powles 31-01-19 15:32

Who’s ‘safe hands’ did you delivery it to? :)

eddy8men 31-01-19 22:57

you got me there kev. i did actually decide to drop it off at bob grundy's yard on the way back from liverpool. it needs a quick tune and general fettling and i just don't have the time right now

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