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Jason Gaudet 01-10-07 00:01

MD 7 - Maritime Provinces
I have started the engines back up on my research of the former army training center at Camp Utopia, NB. (after shutting down the engines on researching the former RCAF/RAF air station at Pennfield Ridge, NB). I just went through several reports on the base and they mention "M.D. 7"

example: "Prior to the outbreak of war, the mobilization plan called for an Advanced Training Centre in M.D. 7"

So this appears to be a region, like Eastern Command or Atlantic Command... but what (where) exactly is this?

mike mckinley 01-10-07 03:06

hi jason..long time, no see

md7stood for military district 7. the rub is that i'm not sure exactly what was covered, be it southern n.b., the whole province, or perhaps the whole atlantic region including n.s., and p.e.i., but excluding nfld, as it wasn't part of canada at that time. what i can tell you is that saint john was in md7 as noted on the first world war discharge papers of my great uncle. i checked my wifes' grand fathers' attestation papers as he joined the 2nd batt carleton & york regt at fredericton, but the md was not listed on the document. cheers!!


Jason Gaudet 01-10-07 04:13

Something else I notice on the map for Camp Utopia... in terms of buildings it list "WO & Sgts Quarters" but does "OR Quarters" mean "Ordinary Ranks" or "Other Ranks"... or am I off target?

PPS 01-10-07 13:10

Re:- MD 7
You may have seen this already:-

and this:-


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