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David_Hayward (RIP) 27-11-06 14:14

1940 Southampton, Dagenham and Slough production
I hope for the first time ever, and thanks to Mr Clive Law for finding the papers, I am able to post a breakdown of the 1940 CMD assembly figures. I suspect that the 30-cwt ambulances were F30S, with Mann Egerton bodies...37 were ordered in the first tranche of contracts. The photo in Dr Gregg's book showing delivery of CMPs has what I believe is a F30S ambulance, judging by what I could see of the front radiator gyard spring leafs, but those with sharper eyes may say it's a Chevrolet. The others seem to be Chevrolets.
1940 CMD production breakdown

David_Hayward (RIP) 27-11-06 17:02

More 1930 info

. Herb Ronson states that to supplement production and this would presumably have been by the M. of S., contracts were entered into with the London Transport Passenger Transport Board Chiswick Works, west London, where buses were built and repaired, and also LEP Transport for the use of their depôt at Corney Road, Chiswick. Mr. Ronson thought that 8-cwt. D.N.D.-pattern trucks were assembled at Chiswick Works, which came under his supervision as did LEP’s operations: LEP assembled initially at least passenger cars [probably Chevrolets] and Harley-Davidson motorcycles
There is little in the book LONDON TRANSPORT AT WAR about the assembly work. And there is nothing at all in Canadian documents about assembly in 1940 by Sunbeam-Talbot Ltd in Barlby Road in west London. These were probaboly Ministry of Supply contracts to help out, whilst Slough ramped up?

David_Hayward (RIP) 02-10-07 13:15

New old info
I am not sure whether I had noticed this before but just found that the CMHQ Reports to the DND mention:

.."complete establishment" were expected to begin the following week. Universal carriers began to arrive in March, and on 27 Mar 1 Cdn A. Tk Regt received six 2-pounders guns "making total of eight now with unit" (Report week ending 30 Mar 40). As spring came on the shortage of M.T. became a matter of regular
complaint. In this connection, the report for the week ending 6 Apr 40 observes:

Unit collective training Divisional Troops proceeding but now reaching stage where progress is definitely limited by shortage of mechanical transport Preferential treatment in issue from British stocks received but supply from that source inadequate for present requirements.

This situation showed signs of improvement in May with the beginning of deliveries of Canadian vehicles; the report for the week ending 18 May noted, "Eight 15-cwt trucks received from Assembly Plant Southampton", and the succeeding week's report stated that 344 Canadian 15-cwts. had been received to date. The heavier types of Canadian manufactured vehicles came in more slowly; the report for the week ending 6 Jul 40 remarked that Canadian 30-cwt and 3 ton lorries were not yet available for issue.
Out of the 344 15-cwts, which included some F15A units assembled in Aprik I believe, were the 50 [?] F15s sent to France. There would appear to have been a delay in assembly and delivery to the RCAOC. The 8-cwts were of course C8s and F8s, and were CKD {174 + one built up}.

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