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Dinty 14-09-05 13:25

Daimler Scout Car
G'day All, I spotted this on ebay this evening it is a Daimler Scout Car, item number 6560944532 starting price $20,000, it is located in Wodonga Victoria (Australia). It has sat as (many Oz MLU'rs who attend the events at Corowa would recognize it) from Toole's disposal shop, I know it's not the type of vehicle that is normally discussed in this forum but a ex-military vehicle it is, anyway cheers for now Dennis

Hanno Spoelstra 14-09-05 13:34

Item number: 6560944532 is a Daimler Scout Car indeed, a Ferret to be precise.


Dinty 15-09-05 13:28

G'day Hanno, I thought it was a Ferret as I had admired it for some time (years) but I'm right into Series 2A ex mil Landrovers (as used by the Aust/army Vietnam era) so i didn't question what was stated on ebay as you would think the owner would know what he was selling anyway thanks for putting my mind at rest cheers Dennis

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