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ChaseR83 12-08-22 05:55

Manuals for 2pdr. in tank mounting?
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Hey guys,

Does anybody have a list of the various 2pdr. manuals that were printed for 2pdrs. that were mounted in tanks?

The reason I ask is I am currently on the hunt for the 2pdr. /.303 Vickers manual for Cruiser tanks (I have attached a picture of the cover). I'm looking for this manual only because it is the only one I specifically know exists...

Did they ever print a manual for the 2pdr./Besa mounting on the later A.10 Cruisers and later cruiser tanks?

Thank you :thup:

David Burr 14-08-22 10:25

I know in the Daimler Armoured Car manual, there is a specific section about the 2Pdr and Besa with pictures. Might be well worthwhile having a look if you can borrow a copy from someone

Tim Bell 14-08-22 17:44

Used to have that... trying to remember who I sold it to.


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